Bellman 6,0% 24 x 330ml

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Enter a world of exquisite taste with Bellman beer, a beer with strength and character. With an alcohol percentage of 6.0%, this beer delivers a full and rich taste experience that pampers the senses and invites you to a moment of pure enjoyment.
Product details:
Alcohol percentage: 6.0%
Contents: 24 x 330ml cans
Type: Stock
Bellman beer is known for its perfect balance between a solid malt character and a fine hop bitterness. Each sip is a symphony of taste notes that dance in perfect harmony and leave a pleasant aftertaste.
The beer appears with a beautiful, golden brown color that promises an intense and satisfying experience.
Suitable for:
Bellman is the ideal companion to a meal or as a refreshment in itself. The rich flavor complements everything from barbecue to gourmet dishes and is perfect for any gathering.
This pack contains 24 cans of 330ml each, so there is enough to share with friends and family.
Serving tips:
To unfold the beer's full potential, it is recommended to serve it chilled. Enjoy the smooth, rich taste and let Bellman be the center of your taste experience.
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