Black Tower Smooth Red 12% 3 Ltr

3 L / Black Tower

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Black Tower Smooth Red 12% 3 Ltr
Alcohol %: 12%
Grape variety: A mixture of different red grape varieties
Suitable for: Aperitif, light dishes, desserts
Packaging: BiB (Bag in Box), 3L
Country: Germany
Taste: Round and soft, with notes of red fruits, berries and a subtle sweetness
Type: Red wine
Dryness: Semi-sweet
Sugar content: 15 g/l
Black Tower Smooth Red is an excellent choice for those looking for a soft, easy-drinking and inviting red wine. From Germany's lush wine landscapes comes this special treasure that combines tradition with a modern twist and provides a tasteful and elegant wine experience.
With a comfortable 12% alcohol, this wine is made to enjoy and share. Its semi-sweet profile carries excellent notes of red fruits and berries, creating a harmonious balance between freshness and sweetness. Each sip reveals a mild and gentle character that complements a wide range of dishes, from light snacks to refined desserts.
Black Tower Smooth Red is presented in a spacious 3 liter BiB, which guarantees that the wine remains fresh and tasty until the last drop. This wine is ideal for social gatherings, family parties, or to enjoy a glass of fine wine after a long day.
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