8 Facts You Didn't Know About Haribo Gummy Bears

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Here in Discandooo we just love Haribo Gummy Bears! The deliciously sticky, little bear gelatin-based gummies are one of the most popular candies around the world. Haribo also come in different colors and yummy flavors. Here are 8 facts that you didn't know about them:
8 Facts You Didn't Know About Haribo Gummy Bears

1) Created  in 1920

Hans Riegel was born in 1893 in Friesdorf near Bonn. He completed training as a confectioner after he graduated school. He worked for different factories in Neuss and Osnabrück.

After the First World War, Hans Riegel became a partner in the company Heinen in Bonn-Kessenich which eventually became known as Heinen & Riegel. By 1920, he had started out with a company of his own. Hans Riegel bought a property in Bergstrasse in Kessenich, at the time a suburb of Bonn, and set up the very first factory there. The starting capital was a sack of sugar, a marble block, a stool, a brick oven, a copper kettle and a roller.

Amazingly, here in a small laundry-kitchen, began the history of the now world-famous Haribo company. On December 13, 1920, Hans Riegel had the company name entered in the trade registry of the city of Bonn as an acronym of HAns RIegel BOnn


2) Vegetarian? 

Haribo isn't really vegetarian because it is made by a porky gelatin. But having vegetarians in mind the company produces a gelatin-free Gold-Bear especially for the veggie/Muslim market. Gummy bears are made with starch or pectin instead of gelatin.


3) Gummy bear song


The famous Gummy Bear song has more than 80 million views on YouTube. It was written by the German composer Christian Schneider and released by his label amazingly called Gummybear International. The song was originally released in Hungary and it spent eight months as number 1 on the ringtones chart.


4) Does Marilyn Manson like Haribo?

Surprisingly Mailyn Manson adores Haribo and even asks for it in his backstage rider when he performs. The famous metal musician is known for his seemingly dark persona but even he can't resist the unique Haribo Gummy Bears!


5) Decorating

8 Facts You Didn't Know About Haribo Gummy Bears


Haribo bears are an amazing and suitable choice for decorating any type of sweets and cocktails. They add a little color and flavor to any delicious dessert or beverage. 


6) Haribo taste different in the United States

In the USA gummy bears are made by a different recipe so that the European variety has a few more natural favorings. The American ones, made with artificial colors are more vivid than the German ones, which are made with natural colors. Texture-wise, the American Haribo is much softer and easier to chew than the slightly tougher German ones. The German gummy bears have a more noticeable flavor, closer to a real fruit than the American ones.


7) Disney

Disney’s first well known animated series was based off of gummy bears, called “Adventures of the Gummi Bears”. Disney CEO Michael Eisner was struck with inspiration for creating the show when his son requested the gummy candies one day. The animation is credited as having helped initiate the tv animation boom of the late 1980s and 1990s.


8) Haribo Licorice

Haribo has been producing licorice products since 1925. They are some of the most popular gummy treats worldwide. 


Licorice Haribo


We hope you found something you didn't know about Haribo and if you want to order some for an amazing price feel free to do it from our website

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