Carlsberg Sort Guld 5,8% 24 x 330ml

7.92 L / Carlsberg

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Carlsberg Sort Guld is the ultimate choice for beer enthusiasts looking for a sublime and flavorful experience. This package contains 24 cans, each with a volume of 330 ml.
Product information:
Alcohol %: 5.8%
Contents: 24 x 330 ml cans
Type: Dark Lager
Country: Denmark
Ideal for: Beer lovers who want a sophisticated and rich beer taste.
Carlsberg Black Gold is known for its rich, dark color and creamy foam crown. It offers a seductive aroma of roasted malt and a subtle sweetness that prepares your taste buds for a unique taste experience.
The taste is intense and rich with notes of coffee and chocolate, which are balanced by the characteristic light bitterness. This beer is loved for its complexity and well-balanced profile that leaves a pleasant aftertaste.
Carlsberg Black Gold is the perfect companion for pleasant evenings and culinary experiences. Enjoy it as a refreshing contrast to strong dishes or as an elegant end to the day.
Get a taste of pure beer extravagance with Carlsberg Sort Guld and let yourself be seduced by its exquisite taste. Each can represents the best in Danish beer brewing and an invitation to enjoy the finer sides of life.
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Ingredient Description

Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops Additional information: Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops Contains: alcohol


Carlsberg Danmark A/S1750 København V Denmark

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