FALCON EXPORT BEER 5.2% 24 x 330ml

7.92 L / Falcon

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Falcon Export is a recognized beer that combines timeless brewing art with a refined taste profile. With an alcohol percentage of 5.2%, this beer is both robust and harmonious, ideal for any occasion where good taste is appreciated.
Key features:
Alcohol percentage: 5.2%
Contents: 24 x 330ml
Type: Export beer
Origin: Sweden
Flavor Profile:
Falcon Export boasts a clear, golden color and a delicate foam. It has a round malt profile, complemented by light hop notes and a subtle sweetness, making every sip a balanced pleasure.
Tasting notes:
Colour: Clear golden
Aroma: Mild malty aroma with traces of hops
Taste: Harmonious, mild malt sweetness and slightly bitter finish
Ideal for:
Food: Excellent partner for traditional Swedish dishes, light meat dishes and fish
Occasions: Perfect for casual gatherings, barbecues and festive events
About Falcon:
Falcon is a brand that proudly carries the Swedish beer brewing tradition. Each beer in the range is an expression of dedication, quality and authenticity.
With Falcon Export, you get a beer that is as well-balanced as it is delicious. It is a beer that pleases a wide range of taste palettes and offers a universal appeal that makes it an obvious choice for both everyday life and parties.