Thanks for stopping by! Take a look at the most common questions from your fellow customers. In case you are still not sure, or have additional questions, we’ll gladly answer them via email ([email protected]) at any time!

About us and what we do

Why should I buy from you?

Because we’re nice people - just like you :). No honestly, we offer your favourite everyday products at everyday low prices (most likely a lot cheaper than your local supermarket does). We see a future of you buying your fresh goods locally and supporting your community, while saving on all your basic needs with us (think grocery staples, cleaning products, household essentials, bath & beauty, pet foods or beverages). Chances are that these products are produced in a central factory for most of Europe anyway, so why not shop them conveniently at the best prices?

How can you be cheaper than my local supermarket?

We have a centralized setup (one place where we stock and handle items for all of our finnish customers), hence no need to maintain expensive store and distribution networks.- We avoid middle men in the supply chain wherever possible (buying direct from source wherever possible)- We offer larger product sizes or bundles (like only wholesalers usually do)- We source our products throughout the entire European Union - it’s like you going on a holiday (or intentionally crossing the border) and bringing back specific products you know are cheaper (or more widely available) than in your home country. We are an online-only retailer, focused on dry goods - which means we don’t need to maintain any expensive stores or energy-intensive refrigeration in our distribution, allowing us to pass all of those savings onto you!

What are the reference prices you are showing?

We are constantly monitoring the prices of our products at both online stores and supermarkets across Finland. Our website will dynamically adjust the reference prices relative to the finnish market prices (e.g. when you’re browsing our page, you should be seeing reference prices that relate to your local stores - such as ALKO.FI).

Are you a real company? How can I trust you?

No, we will not run away with your money :). Trust is something you build over time, and we have been working hard to make our customers happy ever since launching the platform in January 2017. You can always reach out to us at [email protected] for any questions.

The ordering process

How does the ordering process work?

Browse our shop and add items to your cart (using +/- buttons next to products)- After reaching the min. order value, start the "Checkout" by agreeing to our Terms & Conditions- Enter your personal information and any discount/voucher code (if applicable) - Complete your order by paying safely with Credit Card (all payments made in Euro) - Arrange the shipping (learn more about shipping here)- You will receive a confirmation and regular status updates for your order via email

Where do I enter voucher codes?

Please enter and apply your discount code during the checkout process before the payment.

Shipping information?

More information about shipping here.

Why do I have to book shipping separately?

We're virtualizing the principles of cross-border trade, where you as a private individual go to shop in another EU country (in this case at Discandooo in Germany) and then transport your good back yourself for personal use (in this case, instead of using your personal car, you are personally booking shipping with an agent to transport goods on your behalf). This way, according to the European law of the single market, you only need to pay taxes in the country of origin (in this case Germany).

What if products are missing or arrive damaged?

In the rare case of packing errors in our warehouse, or transport damages, please email us your order details + photos to [email protected]. We will gladly issue a refund and/or make sure you are compensated in other ways you may prefer.

After you ordered

Can I change or update my order after it was paid?

Unfortunately our system does not allow to change an order after it has been placed (this has mainly security and compliance reasons), however - as long as your order has not been fulfilled - we can offer to cancel the order (incl. a refund to your account), and you may place a new order as per your heart’s desire.

Why is my order only partially fulfilled?

Sometimes not all items from your order are 100% available in stock. In such cases we often decide to dispatch part of your order ahead of time (to not make you wait unnecessarily), while we wait for the remaining/missing items to be restocked.

I forgot to use my discount code – can you apply it for me?

Unfortunately we cannot apply discounts after an order was placed (mainly for security and compliance reasons), but we can make “special arrangements” for you to use a voucher for a subsequent order with us. Please email to [email protected] with details, and we’ll happily help out! Why is my product refund lower than the product price? Most likely your order contained a discount code (e.g. 5% off). In such case, an item worth 10€ (standard product price) would have effectively cost you 9,5€. Therefore, if this item is refunded, you will receive back 9,5€ (instead of the standard product price of 10€). How can I change a wrong (email) address? Sure thing! Simply email us to [email protected] with your order details, and what exactly you want changed, and we will action it for you right away.