Grill Wine Smooth Red 15% 3 ltr

3 L / Grill

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Grill Wine 15% 3L
Alcohol %: 15%
Grape variety: Shiraz
Suitable for: Grilled food, red meat, robust dishes, strong cheeses
Packaging: BIB (Bag in Box), 3 l
Country: South Africa
Taste: Powerful and rich, with notes of dark berries, spices and a smoky undertone
Type: Red wine
Degree of dryness: Dry
Sugar content: 4 g/l
Serving temperature: 17-19°C
Contains sulphides: Yes
Grill Wine is created for lovers of intense and complete taste experiences. This red wine with an impressive alcohol percentage of 15% is powerful and rich, ideal to complement the flavors of grilled food and robust dishes. It is your perfect partner for an evening at the barbecue or a cozy gathering.
The Shiraz grape is carefully selected to create a wine with a deep, ruby red color and a flavor palette that ranges from dark berries to smoky, spiced undertones. Each sip offers an experience of warmth, complexity and a long, pleasant finish.
Serve Grill Wine at a temperature of 17-19°C to optimize its flavor profile and bouquet. It is a wine that not only complements the food but also the conversation and the atmosphere, adding something special to any meal.
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