Harboe Viiking Strong Beer 12% 24 x 330ml

7.92 L / Harboe

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Discover the power and character of Harboe Viking Strong Beer, a beer that offers a powerful taste experience and a higher alcohol content. This package contains 24 bottles, each with a volume of 330 ml.
Product information:
Alcohol %: 12%
Contents: 24 x 330 ml bottles
Type: Strong beer
Country: Denmark
Ideal for: Beer enthusiasts looking for an intense and full flavor experience.
Harboe Viiking Strong Beer offers a deep golden color with a rich head of foam. The powerful aroma is characterized by malt and a hint of caramel, suggesting the beer's full-bodied character.
The taste is intense and full-bodied with a marked malt sweetness and a pleasant warmth from the higher alcohol content. This beer is known for its robust taste and long aftertaste that leaves a lasting impression.
With its strength and character, Harboe Viiking Strong Beer is perfect for those moments when you want a beer experience out of the ordinary. Enjoy it as an afternoon refreshment or as a delicate companion to hearty dishes.
Take a taste journey with Harboe Viiking Strong Beer and experience the depth of flavor and the well-balanced relationship between strength and enjoyment. Each bottle is an invitation to explore the world of beer in a new way.
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Ingredient Description

Ingredients: water, barley malt, glucose syrup, hop extract


Harboes Bryggeri A/S DK 4230 Skælskør Denmark