Hartwall Cool Grape 5,5% 24 x 330ml

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Hartwall Cool Grape is a refreshing drink that brings the taste of juicy grapes to your taste buds. This package contains 24 cans of 330 ml each, and the beer has an alcohol percentage of 5.5%. Whether you want to enjoy it on a sunny summer day or as a celebratory drink with friends, Hartwall Cool Grape is the ideal companion.
Product information:
Alcohol %: 5.5%
Contents: 24 x 330 ml cans
Country: Finland
Ideal for: Relaxation, social gatherings and festive occasions.
Hartwall Cool Grape offers a refreshing clear purple color and a scent that immediately evokes memories of juicy grapes in the sun.
The taste is sweet and fruity with a distinct grape taste. The light acidity adds a nice balance to the taste and leaves a refreshing aftertaste. Hartwall Cool Grape is the perfect way to enjoy the taste of grapes and it quenches thirst in a refreshing way.
With a pack of Hartwall Cool Grape you always have the opportunity to enjoy the taste of juicy grapes. Serve chilled and share with friends and family. Whether as a relaxing drink on the terrace or as a festive companion for special occasions, Hartwall Cool Grape will always deliver the juicy and refreshing taste you seek. Toast in the wine cabinet and enjoy every sip.
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Allergen Statement

Contains sulphites

Ingredient Description

Ingredients: water, cider, sugar, carbon dioxide, acidity regulator E330, stabilizers E414 and E445, natural grapefruit aroma and other natural flavours. Juice content at least 15%.

Applicable Dangerous Goods Regulations

Not Applicable