Kilkenny Irish Beer Draught 4,3% 24 x 440ml (Best Before 10.02.2023)

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Kilkenny Irish Draft Beer 24 x 44 cl Kilkenny Irish Beer is an over-fermented Irish red ale. In Ireland, the beer is sold under the name Smithwicks, which is also the name of the old brewery in the town of Kilkenny. The Smithwick Brewery has for decades been the guarantor of the preservation of the Irish red ale, and Kilkenny Irish Beer is also described by many as one of the best representatives of the type. Kilkenny Irish Beer develops a strong, light creamy foam crown that dissolves at a slow pace into a thin, persistent veil on the surface and in the glass. The colour is distinctly red with an EBC of about 35. Carbon dioxide development is moderately high for an ale. Kilkenny Irish Beer smells of caramel, malt and hazelnuts, completed by a complex aroma of aroma hops. Kilkenny Irish Beer has a pleasantly sweet taste of rice malt, reminiscent of toasted bread. The full softness of the beer makes it easy to drink. The sweet body is finely balanced by a final bitter dryness. The can is added a so-called widget which gives the beer an extra soft and creamy fullness. We lack a deposit on cans or bottles, as these are imported to Denmark, Sweden or Finland from Germany by a resident of one of these countries, see also our Terms and Conditions