Lordson Gin 37,5% 3,0l "Bag in Box" 3L

3 L / Lordson

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Lordson Dry Gin 37.5% 3L BiB is a highly recognized gin from France, known for its excellent quality and taste. This gin offers fine juniper aromas with hints of herbs and licorice, making it ideal for any cocktail. With its 3-litre Bag-in-Box packaging, Lordson Dry Gin is the perfect companion for your cocktail party or camping holiday. The practical tap ensures easy serving, and the light and long-lasting Bag-in-Box system makes it an excellent choice for any occasion.
Manufacturer: Groupe GFC
Alcohol content: 37.5%
Country of origin: France
Type: Dry Gin
Packaging: 3L Bag-in-Box with practical tap
Use: Perfect for cocktails and clean drinks.
Flavor profile: Aromatic with juniper berries and herbs, complemented by a hint of licorice.
Ideal serving temperature: Serve at room temperature.
Recommended glass type: A classic gin glass to enjoy the full aroma and taste of gin.
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