Makulu Blanc 12,5% 3 ltr.

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Makulu White 12.5% 3L
Alcohol %: 12.5%
Grape variety: Chenin Blanc
Suitable for: Fish dishes, seafood, salads, light chicken dishes
Packaging: BIB (Bag in Box), 3 l
Country: South Africa
Taste: Fresh and aromatic, with notes of tropical fruits, melon and a hint of citrus
Type: White wine
Degree of dryness: Dry
Sugar content: 5 g/l
Serving temperature: 10-12°C
Contains sulphides: Yes
Makulu White is a white wine that originates from the scenic and sunny South Africa, where the vineyards are blessed with ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of first-class grapes. With an alcohol content of 12.5%, this white wine perfectly balances fullness and freshness.
This wine is developed from the well-regarded Chenin Blanc grape, known for its versatility and ability to produce wines with an intense and varied flavor profile. Makulu White offers an explosion of tropical fruit flavors, nuanced by notes of melon and a light touch of citrus that adds a revitalizing freshness.
With its elegant packaging in a 3 liter BiB, Makulu White is a practical and stylish choice for every occasion – from cozy dinners to larger events. It is ideally suited to fish dishes, shellfish, salads and light chicken dishes, and comes into its own when served chilled at 10-12°C.
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Contains sulphites.


Makulu Wines, Western Cape, South Africa

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