About our prices and discounts

Where is your base/compare price from?
We are constantly monitoring the prices of our products at both online stores and supermarkets.

  • Denmark: Irma, Kiwi and Nemlig.dk
  • Sweden: ICA, COOP and Mathem.se
  • Finland: K-Market, S-Market and Foodie.fi

The base price that we show on our website (that's the one crossed-out next to the product) is the average price we have found for that particular product in the most recent weeks - we call this the "market price".

Why don't you have round prices?
Our mission is to make branded groceries available to everyone in Denmark, Sweden and Finland and for that reason we do not "round" to aesthetically pleasing prices just for the sake of it. You can be confident that when you shop with discandooo, you are getting the absolute lowest price we believe we can sell it for while still covering our operational costs and making a small margin. For example, if you see a price of SEK 31 instead of SEK 39, you know it's because we wanted to give that SEK 8 saving to you, not keep it for ourselves. 

How do you make your prices?
Most supermarkets use a pricing strategy of having "regular" retail prices that are higher than they need to be in order to support occasional and short-term "promotional prices" - in the grocery industry this is referred to as a "High-Low Pricing Strategy". At discandooo, we take a very different approach and subscribe to the concept of "Everyday Low Pricing". For you as a customer, this means you can be confident that vs. the "regular" supermarket price, you are always paying the lowest price.

So you never have promotional prices?
Yes - on occasions, we will also have promotional prices. However, discandooo only has promotional prices when we have secured a special, short-term price for a particular product (not as a method of getting you to buy more...). An example would be if we managed to source a particular product as an "over-stock" from one of our suppliers at a very low price. This can happen because they bought too many themselves, because they have stock of an old "variant" of the product, or if the products are approaching their expiry date. In this case, we pass on the whole saving we make to you the customer. Those offers can be found in our Flash Sales collection.

How can you actually be cheaper that a big supermarket chain?
The reason why we’re cheaper than your local supermarket, discounter or even wholesaler, is because we source our products throughout the entire European Union. It’s like you going on a holiday (or intentionally crossing the border) and bringing back specific products you know are cheaper (or more widely available) than in your home country. We’re taking that idea to the next level to allow everyone in the EU to benefit from the principle of the “single market” (= free movement of goods, without import/export duties). Finally, we are an online-only retailer, focused on dry products. This means we don’t need to maintain any expensive stores or energy-intensive refrigeration in our distribution (like supermarket companies) - and we pass all of those savings onto you.

We’re further supporting our price points (and offer you exciting deals) by sourcing “overstocks”. These are items with minor visual imperfections, leftovers of special editions, close to expiry lots or miss forecasts from various trading companies. Sadly, these 2nd grade products (most often they’re perfectly fine, at least on the inside) amount to€ worth of stock throughout Europe on any given day. Today, most of it is still thrown away.

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