About discandooo

Our vision and mission
Our vision is to become the largest European Online Marketplace for everyday products. Our mission is to allow everyone to enjoy the quality of branded goods at truly affordable prices.

Never knew what the EU was good for? Cross the (virtual) border and start saving!

Who we are and how discandooo got started
Building upon a combined experience of 18 years in ecommerce startups and online grocery retail, inspired by innovative concepts such as Groceryrun, Thrive Market and Holler, and ready to do “our own thing”, we founded discandooo in October 2016 in Berlin, backed by a number of reputable Business Angels. After months of extensive research, modelling and prototyping, we decided there was a big enough opportunity to disrupt the offline discounters, while addressing inefficiencies in the European consumer goods market at the same time.

Culture and Values
Let’s not lie about it - companies need to generate profits and founders have (at least some level of) financial success in mind when starting up something new and sacrificing multiple years of their life to work 24/7 to make it happen. But because chances of mega-success are low and it’s not a sustainable motivator, the primary reason we started this company was to generate our own “subculture”, where we’d be able to define how we’re working every day. Since we believe that today’s HR policies (in startups and corporates alike) are still decades behind market realities, we’re stoked to be able to create our own now.


Simplicity. "Less is more" is the very core of the discounter concept and the enabler of great prices for our customers on a selected range of products (the ALDI principle).

Productivity. We are strong believers in "Parkinson's Law" - an extensive study proving that work "expands to fill available time". Work less, get more done. What we are not doing is more important than what we are doing. Pushing far with little resources and time by means of ruthless prioritisation.

Autonomy. We love the ROWE model. We don't care about face-time, we care only about output. Manage your time and resources how you want it, as long as stuff gets done.

Humor. We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously. Please forgive our bad jokes.

We’re working on a "discandooo HR Manifesto" - stay tuned for updates.

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