Boris Jelzin Vodka 37.5% "Bag in Box" 3L
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Boris Jelzin Vodka 37.5% "Bag in Box" 3L

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DA: Boris Jelzin Vodka 37,5% "Bag In Box" 3L
SE: Boris Jelzin Vodka 37,5% "Bag in Box" 3L
FI: Boris Jelzin Vodka 37,5% "bag in box" 3L

Boris Jelzin Vodka is a french born Vodka that is known worldwide for its unique smoothness. Its natural and authentic flavors combined with the soft facets make this Vodka a perfect alcoholic partner to cocktails and long drinks.
Reaching Europe and even further, the amazing Boris Jelzin Vodka can be enjoyed at home and in the modern bars of this world. Bartenders knows well about Boris Jelzins impeccable quality. 

The Boris Jelzin Vodka owes its name to the Soviet and Russian politician Boris Jelzin, who was once from 1991 to 1999 the first President of the Russia federation and again allowed for the production of Vodka. The vodka is known as an international brand that reaches more than 80 countries.

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