Pure Divine Vodka formerly Boris Jelzin Vodka Bag in Box 37,5% 3,0l

3 L / Pure Divine

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Pure Divine Vodka 37.5% 3.0L is a classy and elegant vodka that presents a combination of traditional distillation art and modern sophistication. With an alcohol percentage of 37.5% and presented in a generous 3-liter, this vodka offers an experience of purity and smoothness that is ideal for vodka aficionados and casual drinkers. Pure Divine Vodka is designed to offer a sublime and luxurious vodka experience to suit any occasion.

Contents: 3.0 litres

Alcohol content: 37.5%

Producer: Pure Divine

Type: Vodka

Tasting notes: This vodka has a crystal clear purity and a soft, well-balanced taste. It presents a subtle sweetness and a discreet aroma, giving a clean and refreshing finish that is both smooth and pleasant.

Serving suggestions: Pure Divine Vodka is perfect to enjoy neat, on ice, or as an important ingredient in a wide variety of cocktails. Its neutral flavor profile also makes it suitable for mixing with various mixers to create both simple and complex drinks.

Packaging: The design of the bottle is simple and sophisticated, reflecting the luxurious nature of the product. The large bottle size makes it a prominent and elegant element in any bar collection.

Ideal serving temperature: Best enjoyed chilled to bring out its pure and smooth character.

Recommended glass type: A classic vodka glass for a pure and authentic taste experience, or a cocktail glass to highlight its versatility in drink creations.

About the manufacturer:

Recognized for its commitment to quality and excellence in spirit production, Pure Divine has built a reputation for crafting vodkas that combine traditional craftsmanship with a modern approach.


Since its launch, Pure Divine Vodka has gained popularity and recognition for its quality and smooth profile. This vodka has become a preferred choice for those seeking a pure and refined vodka experience.

Serving suggestion:

Pure Divine Vodka 37.5% 3.0L is an ideal choice for those who appreciate a luxurious and refined vodka. It is perfect for large gatherings, luxurious parties, or as an impressive addition to a home bar. With its large volume and exclusive quality, Pure Divine Vodka is suitable to meet a wide range of taste preferences and is excellent for creating elegant and sophisticated cocktails.

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