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On you will find a large selection of all kinds of wine at fixed low prices. We have wine that suits any occasion from the quiet evening at home in front of the television to the really big round birthday party. When you shop with us, you always get the best quality at low prices. See our large selection of wines or contact our customer service if you are not able to find what you are looking for. Welcome to Discandooo!

Wine is an extremely versatile beverage that can be drunk all year round, including both in everyday life after a long working day and for large parties when major events are to be celebrated. Wine is available in a wide range of flavors - all depending on it's origin.

By far most of the wine in the world comes from countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and the United States. Other high-profile wine nations are Chile in South America, as well as the United States and to a lesser extent Australia. In Africa, South Africa is the largest producer of wine.

In our selection of wine you will find all the most popular types of wine including:

• Red wine
• Liquor
• Rosé
• Sparkling wine
• Dessert wine

Red wine:

Red wine often comes from green and blue grapes. The red color comes from the skins or skins of the grapes that contain tannic acid. It is the tannic acid that gives the wine its characteristic red color. However, the color can vary greatly from wine to wine and thus from region to region. Countries that are particularly known for low good red wines are especially Chile, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
In France, it is especially in the Bordeaux region of western France that one finds the most famous red wines. These red wines are also popularly called a 'claret'. The red wine has a full-bodied taste, which tastes especially good with red meats such as beef and lamb. For the same reason, red wine is also incredibly popular to use to make red wine sauce. So if you have a leftover you can't drink, you can always make gravy from it.

White wine:

Unlike red wines, white wines are often sweet and fresh wines. However, the color is rarely completely white, but often more yellowish. The color - or lack of the same - occurs when removing the skin or skins from the grapes.
The sweet taste of white wine makes it ideal to drink on a hot day, as it gives a fresh breath. For the same reason, it is most often drunk with seafood and sometimes with poultry, which has a light and neutral taste. Some of the big white wine producing countries are especially Germany, where Riesling is king as well as the USA, which is behind the lovely fresh Chardonnays. France also produces white wines to a lesser extent - however, it is probably most relevant to mention champagne as the crown jewel of their many beautiful wineries.

Rosé wine:

The rose wine is a bit of a mix of the goodness of red wine and white wine. Rosé wine is a light, pink wine made from red grapes. The wine gets its characteristic rosé color because the skins of the grapes are removed a few hours after the fermentation process has begun. The rose wine is perfect as a refreshing drink in hot weather. It's not really summer until a good fake rose is on the table!

Sparkling wines:

Sparkling wines are a wine made from secondary white wine, thereby forming carbon dioxide. It gives the wines a sweet and completely unique taste. The most well-known type of sparkling wine is Champagne in particular. For something to be called 'Champagne', it must technically be produced in the Champagne region of northern France.
But this is seldom mentioned. Other well-known sparkling wines are therefore Asti, which is on the table at many New Year's events, as well as the Spanish counterpart to Champagne, namely Cava.
Sparkling wines, including Champagne, belong to festive occasions, such as New Year, birthday parties, weddings and other joyous anniversaries.

Dessert wine and port wine:

Dessert wines are the last large type of wines that, as the name suggests, are served for desserts.
Dessert wines are most often sweet, as they should compliment desserts. Dessert wines are available in both a white and red version. The white dessert wines should usually be served chilled and the red dessert wines at room temperature or slightly cooled.

When you shop with us, you have both the opportunity to shop so you can quench your small and big thirst. You can both buy single bottles if you are missing a particular wine for your collection at home, just as you can buy from larger batches or even some of our many good cardboard wines that come in large sizes.
Our cardboard wine does not taste worse than the others, but if you are having a big party or going on holiday, and nuisances want a few good drops with, this may be preferable.
No matter what type of wine you are looking for, you can be sure to make a good bargain. Start shopping on Discandooo today!