Black Tower Fruity White 10% 3 ltr.

3 L / Black Tower

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€4.00 / L

Different German white wine experience - One of the most exported German wines due to the high quality, but at the same time cheap price - Experience Black Tower Fruity White 10% 3 ltr. Prepare for a different white wine experience. A wine that is far from ordinary white wines. We are dealing here with a white wine from Germany that has a nice taste of pineapple and mango. This wine is neither too dry nor too sour and can be drunk to very different. Pasta dishes, pizza, light starters, Thai food, or used as an aperitif. This wine brand is one of the most exported from Germany and is sold today in over 40 countries. Since 1967 when the Black Tower came into being, sales have increased explosively. After 13 on the bag, 13 million bottles were sold. Since then, there have been several variations and today sales are around 14 million bottles a year. This is due to people's great interest in this wine, as it is difficult to find such a sensible fruit wine at such a low price elsewhere. Alcohol: 10%